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Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.

Iain Thomas

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07.21.14 2420
Zoom Boom. There ya go.

Boom. There ya go.

07.21.14 67438


why the fuck does everyone in the purge movies want to kill people if crime was legal iโ€™d find a way to erase my student debt and also probably steal a bunch of new clothes

"Girl look at all the shit I got on Purge!!!!"

07.21.14 207577
07.21.14 174936



me when i go to burger king

I still havenโ€™t forgiven Burger King or Mary for this

First of all I love when she interrupts him lmao

And wasn’t this commercial banned on tv? Lmao smh

07.20.14 22473

Damnit Matt..

07.16.14 0

Met a guy from Germany who is here on holiday. He’s done/seen more here in less than 14 days than I have…and I’m born and raised here. I don’t just mean this state I mean the US. I can’t wait to travel more :)

07.15.14 2
Me in the Hunger Games: What's the wifi code for this arena?
07.06.14 206162


Titanic theme song vs. ghetto titanic theme song

07.06.14 12024
07.06.14 52139
07.06.14 14794
Men: Not ALL men.
Men to their daughters: Yes, all men. Every single one of them.
07.06.14 126544



NASA astronaut films lightning from ISS

Astronaut Reid Wiseman posted a Vine from the International Space Station today showing lightning over Houston.

Tornado warnings were issued in the Houston area earlier this afternoon but have since expired.

got me having goosebumps

07.06.14 77013

Had a dream about Matt last night.
I wish I knew why I am so attached to someone I don’t know.
……๐Ÿ˜” *le sigh*…..

07.06.14 0
Zoom ๐Ÿ™Œ *bows down*

๐Ÿ™Œ *bows down*

07.06.14 18410